Mock Calling : Call Centre Script

Monday, April 26, 2010

Agent: Hello! Am I speaking with Mr. Ramanujan?
Customer: Yes, Speaking.
Agent: Mr. Ramanujan this is Rajesh calling on behalf or Airtel. You have a bill due in your account for Rs. 1000 or you have an outstanding balance with Airtel for Rs. 1000. how would you like to pay that?
Customer: I don’t have any such connection or balance.
Agent: ok SIR. But may I please confirm your address. This is 22, new arya samaj road, Karol bagh.
Customer: yes this is my address.
Agent: i wish to inform you sir that your name and address is in our database and we will have to keep calling you time and again as long as this name is there in our database. i would request you to please make a complaint to Airtel regarding the same.
Customer: what is this? Are you scaring me?
Agent: no, sir i don’t intent to do so. It might be possible that someone else had taken connection in your name made this default. He may use your identity for wrongful purpose. I would request you complaint regarding the same as soon as possible. We are there to co operate with you in every possible way.
Next day agent repeats the same and customer starts acknowledging that he has some pending bill. Now you have to suggest him possible ways of making payments. try to lure him with discounts. For example
Agent: sir if you pay by today we can wave off 20% of your balance and you just have to pay Rs 80 out of Rs 1000. That can save your 20 rupees.
Agent: but I am not in the position to pay now. i can pay you tomorrow. And will pay only 800.
Agent: ok sir i will try to extend this benefit to you till tomorrow. Thank you very much. Have a nice day!


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